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Professional Waste Management

Waste processing is only one of the many services that we offer.

Solo can assist you with the development of a scheduled waste management plan to ensure the best outcomes for your company. See some of the range of services below.

Household Waste Solutions

Learn more about your home waste collection or the provision of extra wheelie bins to your home.

We can also provide a private skip bin for hire or pump out your septic tank.

Business Waste Solutions

With over 80 years of real-world experience, we currently provide business waste services to small, medium and large companies across Australia.

Council Waste Solutions

With a proven track record in waste collection and management, we utilise the latest equipment and technology to deliver satisfying outcomes for Councils and their residents.

Business Recycling

With an ever-growing interest and need for recycling services, we can provide scheduled pick-ups or on demand services for businesses in any location.

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